Airport and Ferry FAQs

Airport and Ferry FAQs

taxi to victoria airport or swartz bay ferry

Are you looking to book a taxi to Victoria International Airport or Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal? Look no further, Uptown Taxi has you covered! We provide door-to-door service to the airport and ferries. Rest assured our drivers will pick you up on time and take you the shortest route possible!

Customers who would like to pre-book their taxi can do so by calling our dispatch line at (250) 888-3000 or by filling out the booking form on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do your taxis cost more than other taxis?

Answer: Absolutely not! One of the main misconceptions customers have about our company is that they think we cost more due to our vehicles being larger than most other taxis. However, all taxis in Victoria charge the same metered rate, regardless of size, which is set forth by the Passenger Transportation Board of British Columbia.

How much does it cost to get from downtown Victoria to Victoria International Airport (YYJ)?
Answer: The taxi fare from downtown Victoria to YYJ is approximately $50-60 depending on traffic.

How much does it cost to get from downtown Victoria to Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal?
Answer: The taxi fare from downtown Victoria to Swartz Bay is approximately $60-70 depending on traffic.

How much luggage can your taxis fit?
Answer: Our taxis are much larger than the common Prius taxis and can hold over 6 large suitcases and additional carry on bags. Available space for luggage is dependent on number of travelling passengers. If you are travelling with 5 or 6 passengers, there may be limited luggage space. Note: Please specify if you have more than 4 passengers when booking one of our taxis!

Can I pre-book one of your taxis to the airport or ferries?
Answer: Yes, of course! If you want to pre-book a taxi for a future date, you can submit the booking form on this page or call our dispatch line at 250-888-3000. If you need a taxi for on-demand service, give us a call and we will send our closest driver immediately!

Customer Testimonials:

“I needed a ride to the airport and all the other cab companies were busy with a minimum 40 minute wait. The new guys in town to the rescue! I was super impressed with the speed of which they took the call and the time it took them to arrive to my door. The driver was pleasant, funny, and courteous. Definitely recommend these guys!”
– Jimmy Arauz (Google Review)

“Uptown Taxi gave me a nice ride to the airport, friendly driver made the ride more comfortable. I highly recommend it.”– Eder Romero (Google Review)

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